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Used Tires

Save Money with Affordable Used Tires

Buying new tires can be expensive, especially if you weren't expecting to need one or more replacement tires at this time. If new tires aren't in your budget or don't make sense for you to buy at this time, ask about the used tire inventory at Grover Tire. 

Used Tires in Hickory, KY

Get Brand Name Tires for Less

Rather than spend a moderate amount of money on new car or truck tires, save cash with used tires.

At Grover Tire, we stock a wide selection of used tires for customers in Hickory, KY, Paducah, KY, Mayfield, KY, and surrounding areas.

Our selection of pre-owned tires is quality-assured to meet your driving needs and budget. Used tires are significantly cheaper than new ones, come from great brands, and are an environmentally conscious purchase that keeps your vehicle rolling. 

5 Great Reasons to Install Used Tires

Purchasing used tires for your vehicle makes sense for several reasons.

  • Save Money: Used tires cost significantly less money than new tires
  • Match Tire Treadwear: It's recommended you drive with tires that have a similar level of wear. In the event you need one or two tires and not an entire set, consider finding a used tire of the same brand with similar wear.
  • Hang onto More Expensive Tires: If you have expensive tires on your vehicle but are considering trading your car in soon, swap the new tires with used tires
  • Pay for the Tread You Need: Not everyone drives often enough to warrant a new tire purchase
  • Have an Environmental Impact: The tire manufacturing process uses oil. By installing used tires, you help decrease the demand for new tires and promote resourcefulness

Shop Used Tires in Hickory, KY

At Grover Tire, we offer a variety of used tires:

  • Passenger Car Tires
  • Truck Tires
  • All-Season Tires
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Performance Tires
  • Snow Tires

Call (270) 856-3422 to learn more about our current selection.

Used Tires in Paducah, KY

I Need Reliable Used Tires

We inspect each used tire to guarantee exceptional performance standards. The tread is carefully examined, the sidewalls are inspected for sturdiness, and we check the surface on both sides to ensure the tire is uncompromised and free of punctures.

Each used tire has passed our standards for tread depth, wear, and durability. 

If you’re not sure whether used tires are the best option for you, contact us today with your questions. As the local used tire store, we're available to assist with your search.

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